Why Goodwill?

Donate Stuff. Create Jobs. Jobs for people who need them.

We need you – our donors and shoppers – to keep our doors open. Goodwill hires and trains workers and provides job training and employment programs thanks to donors and shoppers in our Goodwill stores.

When you collect and donate clothing or household items you haven’t used or worn, you are helping to train and employ people in the Midsouth. Proceeds from our sales go directly back into our local Goodwill operations. Your donations and purchases are helping to create  job opportunities for those with barriers to employment in the Memphis and Midsouth area.

Donations are accepted at store locations and at attended donation centers. Our goal is to make it quick and easy for you to donate your items to Goodwill. Drive up to our doors and a donor attendant will greet you, take your donations, and offer you a tax receipt for your records.

You’ll also get a smile and a thank-you, because we appreciate your donations.