Lemoyne-Owen Christmas Goodwill Drive

January 26, 2016 |

Group Photo

Trenivius Alexander – Magic Gold Dancers Captain (Left), Melanie Kent – Magic Gold Dancers Co-Captain (Middle), Kristen Underwood (Right)

Check out the slideshow below as the ladies, of the Magic Gold Dancers, dropped off the donations to the Madison Ave. Goodwill donation center.
Pictured Below:

Magic Gold Dancers
Trenivius Alexander – Magic Gold Dancers Captain
Melanie Kent – Magic Gold Dancers Co-Captain
Rosemary Hicks – Magic Gold Dancers Advisor and LOC Development Coordinator

Evelyn Turley – ADC Manager
Rodney Wilson – ADC Attendant

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The LeMoyne-Owen College Magic Gold Dancers held a campus-wide Goodwill Christmas Drive last semester before the holiday break. The inspiration behind the drive was to increase philanthropy on campus among students, faculty, and staff, and to give back to the community. The holiday season is not only a time to be generous with family and friends, but also a wonderful time to give to those in need. “Even though we are dancers, I feel that sometimes we have to give back for the cause and not the applause to humble ourselves,” Magic Gold Dancers captain Trenivius Alexander said. “This is just one of the many community service projects we have decided to implement on campus this year.”
The dance team held a kick-off event December 8th in the Alma C. Hanson Student Center on campus and passed out treats to students wishing them well on their finals and encouraging them to donate to the drive. Donation drop off boxes and flyers were placed in several buildings around campus for two weeks as a reminder to help others this holiday season with a donation.  “Goodwill is a great organization that believes in empowerment through education,” Rosemary Hicks, Magic Gold Dancers Advisor and LOC Development Coordinator, said. “Partnering with Goodwill is an excellent outlet for our philanthropic efforts.”   Magic Gold Dancers co-captain Melanie Kent agrees. “It’s important that we give our students a platform to engage and invest in the community, and provide them with opportunities to develop their character while obtaining their degree here at LeMoyne-Owen College.” The Goodwill Christmas Drive had an overwhelming response on campus and the dance team is ecstatic to have rallied the campus around such a worthy cause.

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