Miss. Car Tag FAQs

November 01, 2019 |

Q. How much money does my Goodwill receive from the Mississippi specialty tag?

A. The Goodwill specialty tag costs $33. Memphis Goodwill will receive $24 for each tag sold in the Mississippi counties of our Goodwill territory. Our territory covers these counties: Alcorn, Benton, Coahoma, DeSoto, Itawamba, Lafayette, Lee, Marshall, Panola, Pontotoc, Prentis, Quitman, Tate, Tishomingo, Tippah, Tunica and Union.

Q. Where is the rest of the fee directed?

A. The remaining $9 goes to these agencies: MS Burn Center $3; Tax Collector Commission $2; State Highway Fund $2; Dept. of Archives $1; and Dept. of Revenue $1.

Q.  How will I pay for the tag?

A. We will be back in touch with you about payment and other details later. The participating Goodwills must receive a minimum order of 300 tags before we can get the specialty tags produced. Once we have that minimum number, we will reach out to everyone who’s expressed an interest. Please be sure to give us your contact information on the car tag form on our website.

Q. What happens if I change my mind and am no longer interested in buying the specialty license tag?

A. If you are one of the persons pre-ordering a Goodwill tag, that will have to be worked out with Memphis Goodwill (or the other two Mississippi Goodwill organizations participating in this campaign). Our Mississippi Goodwills must submit an order of at least 300 tags to qualify for the specialty tag, and we cannot drop below that required order number.

Q. Once I am notified that the specialty tags are in, how long do I have to go to my county office and pick up my license plate?

A. The vehicle owner has up to 60 days to pick up his plate after the DOR has informed Goodwill that plates are ready. Goodwill will notify vehicle owners immediately by email once we’ve received that notification from the state. If the vehicle owner waits beyond that 60 day period, they are required to pay the special fee again.

Q. Will the vehicle owner be required to turn in the license plate which is currently on their vehicle in order to pick up the new license plate?

A. Yes, the vehicle owner is required to bring in the old license plate in order to receive the new specialty plate.

Q. Who can I contact if I have questions?

A. Please send your questions to Alicia Guidry at aguidry@goodwillmemphis.org. Please include your contact info so that we can get answer via email or phone.