SCS Support

Dear Faculty, Board, and Friends of the Goodwill Excel Center,

I am extremely proud and excited to announce that at Shelby County Schools’ October 30th Board meeting, they voted on and have APPROVED conversion of the Excel Center from a Charter school to a Contract school.

This makes GECM only the second Contract school in the SCS system, which means we have been granted special rules by which our students’ progress can be monitored and scored due to their special population as adults and the realities of time constraints and life challenges faced by adults striving to achieve their high school diplomas, sometimes many years after they dropped out.  It is a very big accomplishment to receive this special designation, and is the culmination of many hours of hard work on the part of so many supporters of GECM!!  It would be no exaggeration to say this change literally saves our school – we would not have been able to continue operations as a SCS Charter school due to our adult business model, and we would have been forced to cease operations July 1, 2019.

Special thanks go out to:

  1. The Board of Shelby County Schools, for recognizing the need for this service to our 130,000 Shelby County high school dropouts.
  2. The Board of GECM, for their wise counsel, tireless support of our mission, vision, and perseverance to see the Excel Center succeed.
  3. Speaker of the House the Hon. Mark White, who championed our cause at the state and local levels, through his tireless advocacy of our mission.
  4. The law firm of Dinkelspiel, Rasmussen, and Mink, whose expertise and extremely professional and dedicated work was vital to the legal work necessary to bring forth this Contract.

Special recognition goes to Chuck Molinksi, V.P. of the Excel Center, Candis Dawson, School Director of Norris Rd. campus, and our friends and associates at Goodwill Educational Initiatives in Indianapolis, without whose help and creativity this project would not have had the chance to succeed.

Today we are victorious!  Our vision and mission can now continue to grow and flourish and change lives in fundamental ways for the many citizens of Shelby County for whom this was once just a dream.


Yours in Goodwill,

Tony Martini

President & CEO